Sourwood Inn was my mother’s idea. It evolved from the desire to create a meaningful, interesting and productive lifestyle as my father approached retirement from 35 years of practicing medicine. I, for one am glad they asked Jeff and me to join in the journey. After a year of planning and a few of building (There was a little set back in March of ’96) the inn opened in June of 1998.

Some of the aspirations for taking on this project are readily understandable, to share the beauty of these awesome Blue Ridge Mountains, to afford a genuine place of relaxation and solitude, to offer good food to start your day and a culinary experience in the evening are just a few. Some of the more intrinsic ideas for this project are not so readily seen. Nat and Anne had a desire to create a space that balances public with private, simple with complex, aesthetically pleasing with interesting. I am happy to say that we have succeeded. As of June 2016, Sourwood has been opened for 18 years. We have been fortunate in so many ways; most importantly to you our guests, the first timers and to those many who return again and again.

Thank you!!!! Susan